Southern Oregon Sports Ministry

About Us


Impact the Southern Oregon athletic world and all they influence by sharing the love of Christ and the truth of His Gospel through the vessel of Sport.


Impact Athletics purposes for each person to know Jesus Christ in a deeper way through the platform of sport in order to build character, confidence, and fellowship. Our desire is to open the doors into people’s lives for healing, authentic relationships, and encouragement by connecting them with other believers in order to ultimately involve them in a church body.

What’s In A Name?


With local churches to provide an outlet for sports ministry.


To international countries building multiuse sport courts.


Athletic summer camps for youth of all ages.


Impact Bible studies with student athletes.


Programs and leagues from kindergarten to adult during the school year.


Through mentoring athletes, Chaplain Programs, and teaming up with All Pro Dads.

The Results:

A generation and culture that will change with Jesus Christ. Our goal is that our kids & grandkids will know Jesus Christ and have a personal walk with him.

Southern Oregon Impact Athletics Staff:

Jim & Amy Winans (The Founders of Impact Athletics)

Jim and Amy, along with their three kids, have lived in the Rogue Valley for over 10 years. They moved back to Jim’s home town of Medford to serve on staff with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which they did for 8 years. Also during that time Jim coached basketball and golf for youth 7th grade to Varsity. Amy was the High School Girl’s Director in Portland at Rolling Hills Community Church and taught at a Jr. High in Newberg before their family moved. With over 4 years of cheer coach background, she serves as the current Head Impact Cheerleading Coach. “We want Impact to do just what the name says, make an impact on the Southern Oregon sports world and all they influence!”

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Dave Gomez (Impact Athletics Ministry Director)

Dave, Katie, and their son Josiah have lived in Southern Oregon most of their lives. Dave grew up as a missionary kid getting the opportunity to minister alongside his family in over 37 countries. Dave has served on staff as a Youth Pastor at Medford Friends Church for the past 7 years. Dave’s passion in sports is wrestling and football. He has coached and refereed both sports for the past 6 years at the High School and Jr. High level. Dave is heavily involved in the campus ministry division of Impact Athletics. It is his desire that through this ministry Jesus’ name would be made famous around Southern Oregon!

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Becca Buck (Impact Athletics Cheerleading Coach)

Becca was born and raised here in the Rogue Valley. She recently married Chris Buck after graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2013. She acquired a love of cheerleading when she was the cheer captain at Cascade Christian High School. Becca is currently the VP of Sales and Marketing for the International Seafood Doctor. Becca was the first coach on board with Amy in starting up the Impact cheer program. She loves teaching the skills and character traits she learned as a cheerleader to the next generation. Her love for the Lord brings joy and enthusiasm in the way she coaches these cheerleaders!

Brant Minor (Impact Athletics Staff)

Brant was born and raised in the Rogue Valley.  He had a very successful basketball career as a player which featured him as one of the top High school players in the state of Oregon. Brant had a solid college career playing the game he grew up loving.  After getting his degree Brant focused his attention to coaching to make an Impact on young lives.  He’s quickly becoming one of the best young coaches in the state of Oregon.  He’s worked with Coach K at Duke, and the hall of fame coach Pat Summit.  Brant is currently the Men’s Basketball Assistant coach at SOU and is working on his Masters degree at Southern Oregon University.  Brant’s passion is to use Basketball to make an impact on young lives.  This winter Brant will be launching an Impact Basketball league.

Heather Morse (Impact Athletics Cheerleading Coach)

Heather was born and raised in the Rogue Valley by her parents Doug and Tamyra Morse. She graduated from Cascade Christian High School where she cheered for 3 years. Heather joined our cheer program as a head coach half way through our first season. She enjoys art and is pursuing Photography as an education and occupation. She is blessed to work with the girls and coaches she has met through Impact Cheerleading and looks forward to furthering her impact on the lives and families this program attracts. Her cheerful, peaceful, and humorous demeanor make her a great cheerleading coach that all are drawn to be around!


Jacoby & Valeriia Nelson (Impact Odessa)

Jacoby and Lera have been missionaries in Odessa, Ukraine for 2 years.  Lera was born and raised in Odessa.  She has a heart to minister to the needs of the people in her country through compassion ministry.  She often assists missionaries with translation.  She also loves to worship God in song!   Jacoby’s passions include theology, reading, and writing.  He teaches theology at a Christian University in Odessa.  Together they lead an English Club outreach, disciple individuals, and serve the homeless community in practical ways.  Their mission is to meet felt needs in Odessa to gain a platform to share the life transforming message of Jesus! The ultimate vision is to build a Recreation/Outreach Center in a city where nothing like this exists for the youth and young adults.  Learn more at their blog Project Odessa Life.